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Milestone coverage

More than 95% milestone coverage from Gate In to Gate Out

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Maritime AI™predicted ETA and reasons for delay

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Full coverage of shipment milestones

Automated container and vessel tracking

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Windward informs you of vessel arrivals within 10 minutes of the actual arrival

ETA Accuracy is Not the Same for Everyone

Plan ahead by knowing 10 days before arrival exactly when your containers will arrive, how late they are compared to carrier information, and the reasons for delay. With 87% accuracy, in comparison to other options, you’ll always come out on top with Windward’s Maritime AI™.

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Data Stream

Seamless and easy integration into all of your workflows: TMS, customer-facing portals, and BI tools.

Email Reports

Email reports that include all of your shipments, highlighting changes from expectations and including a CSV file.

Web Application

Full visualization of your container and vessel journey, with filtered search and export capabilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Needing help with something? Here are our most frequently asked questions.

Windward’s Maritime AI™ leverages AI, deep learning algorithms, and 12 years of expertise to deliver the most accurate ETA predictions. Approximately 87% of Windward’s ETA predictions, given 10 days before the actual time of arrival (ATA), are accurate. (The term “accurate” refers to predictions that come within a range of +/- 48 hours of the ATA).

Yes, Windward Ocean Freight Visibility automatically generates insights on the reasons for container arrival delays, in real-time. These insights are based on Maritime AI’s ability to understand vessel behaviors and assess the chain of events that led up to the delay.

Windward Ocean Freight Visibility collects data from a multitude of sources, including AIS transmissions, carrier websites, weather forecasts, and many other third-party sources, as well as Windward’s proprietary 12+ years of data including vessel profiles, port-to-port movements, geofences of all container ports, terminals and waiting areas worldwide, and more. These sources are categorized and prioritized based on the requirements to generate specific actionable insights.

There are three ways to consume Windward Ocean Freight Visibility insights:

  • Customized APIs integration: Integrate GraphQL-based APIs with your existing transportation management system to receive real-time updates.
  • Web application: Use the user-friendly web application to visually track shipments, filter and sort them, understand reasons for delays, and export data into CSV format.
  • Daily status report: Receive daily reports via email with actionable insights and updated information on shipments from the past 24 hours.

Maritime AI Predicted ETAs are checked, validated and, if needed, updated every 10 minutes. All vessel events are also updated multiple times per hour. All container events are checked and updated multiple times per day.

Yes, Windward Ocean Freight Visibility allows you to provide customized data fields, including purchase order number, commodity description, current administrative department, current administrative user, shipper, and consignee. These fields further help you manage your shipments by exception and can be tailored to your specific needs.